TI OMAP35xx drop-in system module


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91RM9200


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91SAM9260


KB9260 with on-board camera


ARM9 single board computer with display capability implementing AT91SAM9G20


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91SAM9261


This ARM920T-based single board computer is an excellent choice for low-cost, embedded, development - and the ARM920T is supported by Linux and the GNU toolchain (free). The GNU compiler can even be used under Windows®-based systems.

Using the included serial cable, you can begin developing embedded applications in a very short time. The distribution CD includes files necessary to build the cross-compiler, toolchain, and Linux kernel. The CD also includes sample utility programs and reference source code. Boards are shipped with installed boot loader, Linux 2.6.20, filesystem, and utilities such as telnet. Please note: all files from the CD are now available for download. To help the environment, we are no longer shipping the CD.

Technical Specs

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Atmel AT91RM9200 processor
  • 180 MHz, 200 MIPS ARM9 highly-integrated core
  • Independent 16KB instruction and 16KB data caches
  • 64 MB SDRAM
  • 8 MB SPI Flash
  • 256 MB parallel NAND Flash
  • SD/MMC card support
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • USB 2.0 full speed host port
  • USB 2.0 full speed device port
  • IrDA transceiver (special order)
  • Parallel LCD interface supporting Optrex PN F-51320 (display optional)
  • RS-232 serial, dual transceiver, single DB9 connector
  • RS-485 serial
  • 16KB internal SRAM
  • 128KB internal ROM
  • User LEDs (3)
  • On-board digital temperature sensor
  • External memory interface at headers
  • Signals available at standard 0.100” x 0.100” headers (I2S, timers, counters, synchronous serial, asynchronous serial, programmable clocks, digital I/O, interrupt lines, SPI, TWI)
  • Standard U-Boot boot loader for simple development
  • On-chip Real-time clock (RTC) and DMA
  • Switching power supply provides 2.5A and accepts wide AC/DC voltage range from standard 2.1mm jack
  • JTAG compatible debug port
  • 100mm x 160mm Eurocard format

Development kits

A complete embedded Linux development kit is available for the KB9202. This powerful kit offers source-level debugging, non-intrusive fast Ethernet download/debug, and easy-to-use IDE interface.

A complete eCos development kit is available for the KB920x. This kit enables customers to develop robust eCos applications on our proven KB9202 board.

Pricing Information

Discontinued - available by special order only.

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